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1 was founded and developed to help ensure the PlayStation Network members maintain a strong and rich online community. Our goal is to help see this task threw with features such as: Movie Purchase of the Week, Game Purchase of the Week, Demo of the Week, PSN Guides & Tips, Community Forums, and more! We want to see the PlayStation Network grow into one of the most robust user experiences that's currently offered to gamers, and we intend to help in any way possible. The information we provide will hopefully help gamers get the most possible enjoyment and function from the PlayStation Network, and its services.

The names ModernYorkster, and I'll be your guide in helping you take the PlayStation Network gamer experience to the next level. In the forthcoming years, Ill be bringing an un-biased opinion on games, movies, and features the PlayStation Network offers. Far to often I see company's take advantage of uninformed customers, and where going to help change that. Need help using the latest PSN features released? Were here for that as well! Please leave your comments, and feedback. As we always take things into consideration. I would like to take today's first post, and answer a few questions about the PlayStation Network.

Why Register for the PlayStation Network?

You may be wondering "Why should I register a PlayStation Network Account". The simple answer to that would be its a free service offer by SCE (Sony Computer Entertainment). This may be the biggest selling point, and NOW is no better of a time to register.

But What does the PlayStation Network offer me?

The PlayStation Network offers users a variety of features, and functions such as: Online Game play, Social Connectivity, PlayStation Network Downloadable Demos/Games, Purchase/Rent Movies, Trophy Achievements, LifeWithPlayStation, PlayStation Home, Qore, Pulse, and Face Book integration. This list of features continues to expand with each firmware update that SCE offers to its users.

How long has the PlayStation Network been around?

The PlayStation Network launched with the arrival of the PlayStation 3 in December of 2006. This would make the PlayStation Network three years of age.

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